Why most websites don’t work

Don’t blame your website designer for poor results. After all, most web designers are trained as artists or programmers, not marketing managers or sales professionals.

Yet, think about the purpose of your website. Is it aesthetics or clever applications? Or is it marketing and sales?

I believe you cannot afford a vanity piece as your business website. You must have a business-focused website. And, the content must be written to sell. Effective copy makes your website work 24/7 to attract new customers, clients, and profits.

If you want web copy that turns traffic into sales, now.

Website copywriting tips

Consider your traffic source
Not one copywriter in 100 knows this secret: a person who comes to your website through a search engine is in a very different frame of mind than a person who comes to your website directly. They have different needs and wants, and you must write the copy accordingly.
Don’t settle for an e-brochure
Your website and your brochure should be different in exactly the same way that the web is different from a printed page. Where appropriate, your website should take advantage of things like streaming video on demand, audio segments, and multiple approaches to match multiple market segments.
Echo your sales process
The web offers a high degree of interactivity. Think of your website as an automated sales person. Your website should address your customer’s pains, adapt to your customer’s needs, provide relevant solutions, overcome customer objections, present compelling reasons to buy, and offer a way to close the deal.
Extend your web presence beyond your website
Many commercial and organizational websites should be the central piece of an extended network of online content and communication channels. Use off-site web channels such as social media sites, news sites, blogs, and interest groups to attract and engage with potential customers.
Keep your website up-to-date
Potential customers, like search engines, are drawn to the latest information. It’s smart business to keep your website updated. It’s even smarter business to continually freshen your web content with original articles that attract visitors and enhance your credibility as an expert.

Website samples

It may not look like much, but the copy for this little website for Super Bright Cleaning Service proved immediately profitable through the generation of inquiries and new clients.
Electrical signs
Showcasing an award-winning portfolio of work and presenting technical information in a user-friendly way was the purpose of this website for Ultrasigns.
Industry organization
I was the writer on the team that created and developed this website for Stop Curbstoning. It targets multiple audiences: B2C, B2B, and B2G. In addition to the site and much of its blog content, I also wrote off-site web content including PR releases, social media elements, and linked comments as part of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy.
Engineering services
This website for Armistead Technologies has extensive web content that adds value for the potential customer (and search engines). To generate inbound traffic and leads, some of the content was leveraged off-site through additional placements and PR releases.

Typical website copywriting fees

Website copy: $150-$500 per webpage - most basic websites cost $950-$1,500, while larger, more content-rich websites cost $2,500-$4,500 and up

Web content package: $750-$950 per month, and I recommend a trial period no shorter than six months to see any effect

For a tighter quote, accommodating your specific needs and circumstances, please feel free to now!

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