Is your website written? Or written off?

Static web content is not enough. Successful online marketing requires regularly updated website content. Fresh, relevant, original articles increase your web content, attract visitors, and promote you as an expert in your field. But how do you get the ongoing supply of web copy you need to regularly update your website?

I don’t know any short cuts. I do it the tried-and-true way: by actually writing fresh, relevant, original articles. Here are three reasons why you should too:

  1. Because search engines exist to serve people seeking information, i.e.: content
  2. Because over the long haul, optimization tricks fail and fresh, relevant, original web content wins
  3. Because creating your own informational resource attracts visitors and builds credibility – essential steps toward making more sales

If you rely on short cuts, your website’s rank (and traffic) could vanish when the tricks are assigned values reflecting their true worth. We’ve seen this happen with FFA sites, portal pages, link exchanges, keyword stuffing, forum signatures ... shall I continue? If you rely on a trick, it will fail you. It’s just a matter of time.

Here’s my reliable, slow and steady, three-step process:

  1. Post a fresh, relevant, original article on your website
  2. Promote the article with an authoritative press release, distributed online
  3. Repeat

As important as it is to write and promote fresh web content, it’s the “repeat” step that’s the key to making this work as part of your ongoing marketing. Otherwise, it’s like making a ladder with only one or two rungs. Such a ladder puts you up a little, but not enough to reach another level.

Yet, the “repeat” step also bogs people down. It’s hard to make time to write new articles for your website month after month.

You could pick up ready-made web content from an article site or content feed, but that’s one of those tricks. Think about it. An article can hardly be original content if it’s on a bunch of other websites. It does nothing to enhance your status as an expert. Merely republishing an article is nothing you can promote in a press release, so you get no marketing leverage out of it. Also, search engines are getting better at screening out duplicate web content.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to have a constant supply of fresh, relevant, original web content, plus the PR support to promote it. Just outsource the ongoing development and promotion of your web content to me.

I will write a 300- to 600-word article for your website every month (for reference, this article is about 500 words), and support it with a digitally distributed press release, for a fixed monthly fee of $750-$950. You get a steady flow of fresh, exclusive content for your website, plus ongoing promotion of your website and your expertise. In addition, you can use the articles in your offline marketing, such as in a newsletter or as a brochure insert. That extends the usefulness – and the cost-effectiveness – of the web content.

For more about this ongoing copywriting service, now.

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Website copywriting tips

Keep articles short
Reading a long, copy-heavy webpage is hard on the eyes. The ideal length for a web article is 300-600 words. If a topic can’t be handled in that length, then consider breaking it up into two or three parts.
Keep articles focused
Here’s a valuable exercise: before you start writing, make a short list of keywords for each article. That helps you stay on track. From an SEO perspective, it’s most-effective to have the top two or three targeted terms or phrases written gracefully into the headline and first 15 words of the body copy.
Write for human beings
Websites may be ranked by machines, but they are read by people, who appreciate a friendly, natural online “voice.”
Write beyond the article itself
The webpage’s URL and description metatag should be carefully written to both attract and filter web visitors.

Web content package - information and typical fees

My web content package offers ongoing web content and promotion for a fixed monthly fee. The basic package includes:

You get all that fresh content, both on your website and off-site, every month for $750-$950 per month. I recommend a trial period no shorter than six months to see any effect.

For a tighter quote, accommodating your specific needs and circumstances, please feel free to now!

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