Why most marcom isn’t

If your marketing communication copy fails to sell, it’s not marketing. And, if it fails to capture attention, it can’t communicate.

That’s where most data sheets, press releases, sales kits, mailers, and presentations fail. They provide information without persuasion.

Profit-oriented marcom writing demands – beyond information – attraction, motivation, and persuasion. Your copywriter must understand where the piece fits into your sales process, what came before it, and what action is the desired next step.

If your company could benefit from marcom copy that markets, communicates, and sells, now.

Copywriting Services

Print ads, mailers, radio spots, television commercials, outdoor, catalog copy.
Point-of-purchase, packaging, trade show and event materials.
Corporate Communication
Press releases, sales kits, data sheets, presentations, proposals.

Copywriting tips: four things to avoid

Talking to yourself.
This is the most-common error in corporate communication. The message boils down to: “do business with us because we are wonderful (or established or big).” You will make no sales talking to yourself. You must talk to the people in your audience, discussing issues dear to them.
Changing your message for the sake of change.
Everyone likes to be involved in creating something “fresh.” But, inconsistent messages take longer to deliver results. Inconsistency costs you money and may cost you customers. Consistency pays.
Diluting your message
Burden one piece of communication with everything you can think of, and it’ll become an unfocused, nattering hubbub, hard to remember and easy to forget.
Doing things just to get attention.
There is a difference between getting someone’s attention and getting someone’s business. While your marcom materials must command attention, they must do so in a way that opens the door to making a profitable sale.


First, an explanation
The print pieces are shown as JPGs or PDFs. If you don’t have the free Adobe PDF reader, you can download it here. The radio spot is an MP3 file.
Multi-media advertising campaign
This ad successfully sold against a popular notion by leveraging the notion itself. (PDF)
This postcard worked with the ad above as an effective direct mailer. (PDF)
The radio took the idea of a ridiculous legal disclaimer and created a richly visual scenario in the “theater of the mind.” (MP3)
Print advertising campaign
This advertorial for a digital projector ran in a special magazine section, with the ad below running concurrently. (JPG)
This magazine ad worked with the advertorial above to drive the sales message home. (JPG)
Single print ad
This magazine ad, for a wireless mobile field force integration system, made a compelling case for completeness. (PDF)


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