Nine out of ten brochures fail this test

It’s just one simple question, asked by your potential customer or client: “what’s in it for me?”

If your brochure fails to answer that question, it fails as a sales piece – which means you will fail to sell as much or as often or as quickly as you could.

To maximize profits, your brochure must be both informative and persuasive. And, the copy must guide your prospective customer toward a clear, urgent, course of action.

Shorten your sales cycle. Increase your sales figures. For brochure copy that passes the test with flying colors, now.

Brochure copywriting tips

Don’t just tell, sell
The number-one reason most brochure copy fails to achieve its objective, is that it tells all about the company or product or service, without communicating compelling reasons to buy.
Talk benefits, not features
Features may be important to you, but what’s important to your potential customer is what those features do for them. Every time you mention an important feature, answer the customer’s question “what’s in it for me?”
Include a price list (or don't)
If your brochure is a leave-behind, or if your sales process is short and simple, or if your prices are fixed, then a price sheet may help move the reader toward a sale. But, if your brochure is a lead-generator, or if your sales process is long and complex, or if your prices vary, then including prices may be counterproductive.
How you distribute your brochure makes a difference
One common mistake is to create a single “master” brochure to hand out both at trade shows and after sales presentations. Those are two different audiences, at different points in your sales process, seeking different kinds of information. Your brochure’s persuasive structure must match its audience.
End with a direct call to action
A brochure is one step in your sales process. To move the reader to the next step, your brochure copy must ask the reader to act. The desired action might be to visit a website or retailer, or to call, or even to buy now. Whatever it is, it must be asked for if you want it to happen.

Brochure samples

First, an explanation
These are JPGs and PDFs. If you don’t have the free Adobe PDF reader, you can download it here.
Corporate brochure
This four-page mini-brochure for a real estate company introduced home buyers and sellers to the benefits of an innovative business model in a friendly way. (PDF)
This eight-page brochure for a management-level organization of corporate security executives helped raise the profile of that organization, in a suitably discreet manner, of course. (PDF)
Product brochure
This tri-fold brochure for a water leak alarm system put its finger right on the key benefit to homeowners and homeowner associations. (PDF)
Product line brochures
This four-page brochure took an industrial-grade software product with multi-layered benefits, and sold it in words an ordinary CEO could understand. (PDF)
This four-page brochure worked with the one above. Individually they communicate key benefits. Together, they deliver a strong brand message. (PDF)
Additional brochures in this series were created to pursue key vertical markets.
Service brochure
This tri-fold brochure for a home health care provider was used to respond to inquiries. Here you can see the first inside flap, all three inside panels, and the back cover. (JPGs)
Retail brochure
This tri-fold rack brochure for a podiatric retailer was written specifically to jump-start the sales process by generating inquiries. (PDF)
Sales training guide
This 20-page retail sales training guide for a line of HP all-in-one devices was designed to look like a sports magazine, a theme that carried through to the copy. For example, here is the product summary page. And this is a sample spread about evaluating the needs of customers (left page) (right page). (JPGs)

Typical brochure copywriting fees

Small folded brochure, two-panel or three-panel: $800-$1,600
Full-size folded brochure, two-panel or three-panel: $950-$2,500
Folder-type brochure with three to five single-sheet inserts: $1,600-$3,500
Multi-page brochure, up to eight pages: $1,800-$3,500
Large brochure, 8-16 pages: $2,000-$4,500 and up
Brochure inserts, single sheet: $200-$600 each
Brochure inserts, folded sheet: $300-$1,000 each

For a tighter quote, accommodating your specific needs and circumstances, please feel free to now!

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