The value of copywriting goes beyond words

In your brochure, mailer, or website, the copy is your only direct contact with your customer. Yet, most copy is merely well-written information. There’s no compelling case for action. That stalls your sales process. Loses customers. Wastes time. And cuts profits.

To be effective, copy must both inform and persuade. It must move your prospect, quickly and efficiently, toward a sale. Persuasively structured copy multiplies your sales efforts many times over.

If your business needs bigger or faster sales, then your marketing efforts may need better-written, sales-focused copywriting. to discuss ways we can work together to increase your business. Through profitable copy.

Why you might be here

Because you have no marketing tools
You’re overwhelmed by choices. Should you create a brochure first, or a website? Or maybe a sales letter? How should the choices you’ve already made, such as your company name, logo, or business cards, be reflected in new projects? The answer is: it depends.
Because you have ineffective marketing tools
What you’re currently using has already cost you money to create and produce. And, it’s costing you again and again, in missed opportunities and lost sales. Is there a quick fix? What can be leveraged in moving forward with a new message? The answer is: it depends.

Why I might be the right copywriter for you

If you need a knowledgeable marketing partner
My writing skills have been honed over 30 years. I know sales, marketing, branding, and advertising as well as copywriting. As a result, I uncover strategic approaches that copywriters with less real-world experience overlook.
If you need proven performance
Copywriting is my profession, and I have the track record with marketing agencies to prove it. You get top-notch writing services, straight from the source. Along with smart, professional solutions to the marketing challenges you face.

The next step

What can I help you with?
“I need brochure copy
“I need mailer or letter writing
“I need website copy
“I need ongoing web content
“I need a rough idea of how much you charge
“I need something else
“I need to details about a project”
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